When Was the Last Time You Said, “I Love You?”

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Here is the thing about self-image – you can never outperform it!

Now listen, we are talking about the self-image that is on the inside, not the one we portray to everyone else.

Do you spend time daily working on your self-image?

It’s a shame that we are not taught the importance of this in school.

Here is an affirmation for you to spend five minutes on a day. Look in the mirror and repeat the following:

“I matter to myself and to the world.

I am a significant human being with incredible potential and abilities.

I am aware of my flaws and chose to focus on only the positive things about myself. I love myself.

I am so happy and grateful now that I am earning in excess of (blank) per month.”

Do this for 30 days. Write it down and then say it to yourself in the morning and in the evening.

You are a creative being. You can do limitless things!

If you focus on negative, you get more negative.

If you focus on the positive you get more positive

If you plant a carrot seed, you get a carrot not a cucumber.

This is the law of God and of human nature.

It is incredibly simple and yet complex at the same time. Why?

The reason is because of our paradigm. We have all this programming that has been burnt in by the past decades and most of it is incorrect.

We need to rewire; we give our clients the tools to do just that.  It might take some time, but it won’t take years.

Self-image is determined by what you are telling yourself every day.

If you are not telling yourself something every day then you are getting chaos and noise from all the other people around you.

If you are not consciously focusing on the good things, then subconsciously and unconsciously you are getting negative programming.

You cannot be in the middle. There is nowhere in the middle. It is either positive or negative.

This is the Universal Law of Polarity. If you do not choose to put good stuff in then you are going to have bad stuff going in.

Be careful of the story you are telling yourself.

You must tell yourself you love yourself before you will ever love yourself!

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