Tired of the Same Old Paradigm?

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Tired of the Same Old Paradigm?
A paradigm is defined as a set of mental programs stored in your subconscious mind that controls all your habitual behavior.
Everyone has a paradigm and they are neither good or bad, they just are.
At the Matrix Success Network, we like to relate your paradigm to an operating system in a computer or the computer in your car.
Almost all your physical habits are habitual. You don’t think when you eat or walk. These are all stored mental programs.
How do these programs yet there?
It is not your fault. It’s no one’s fault. You are born and what is around you gets into your subconscious mind.
How do you identify your paradigm? Take a look at your results.
That is your paradigm. If you have an area in your life that you are not satisfied with then that is a paradigm that can be changed.
Almost everything in your world is controlled by your paradigm. If you want to change your results, then you must shift and change your paradigm. When you shift the paradigm, you break the level of awareness.
Let’s look at your income for a moment. You are earning what you are earning because that is your set point. If you change the paradigm you can change your income.
You can change your relationships, physical health and many other things in your life.
How do we change the paradigm?
There are several ways to do this including:
·        Goal cards
·        Vision boards
·        Life scripts
·        Getting around the right people
·        Spaced repetition of content
We teach people to change people to change their paradigms by embracing the spaced repetition of content. You will hear us talk about similar things in a different way because that is the way to get information into your subconscious mind.

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