Are you Reacting or Responding? 

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Do you remember that class in high school on decision making? Us either.

The fact is, is that they do not teach decision making in school as it pertains to the subconscious mind and what we do here at the Matrix Success Network. 


Therefore, most people are not making decisions they are just reacting to a stimulus. 


Reaction doesn’t serve us most of the time. What we want to do instead is learn to respond. 

What does it mean to respond? It’s means taking that moment of time between the stimulus and your action to think. 


Responding is mastering your mind and your body. 


When Brian learned this from Bob Proctor it changed everything. 

Some people count to ten and there is a reason for that, it’s to give them time to think. Thereby improving the situation instead of adding fuel to the fire.


Do you need to make an important decision? Brian has a clear process that will help remove fear, doubt and worry. When a problem is presented to have these things because it is a reaction, a lack of control over the mind and body. 


We want to teach you to take control over your mind and body and learn to respond.


How do you do this? 


Step 1. Get a piece of paper and clearly write out the problem 

Step 2. Write out all possible options and scenarios that you can think of, all points of view to neutralize      or fix the problem 

Step 3. Assess the information 

Step 4. Close the knowing doing gap and take action 

Step 5. Surrender to the outcome


Stop worrying………

Worrying will cause you to make the wrong decision. Let go and let god. All you can do is make the best possible decision based on the steps above. 


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