Important vs. Urgent

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We all have the same amount of time in a day. The same amount as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and everyone else.


You may hear people talk about time management. It is not however a matter of managing your time, you cannot manage time. It is a matter of activity management, managing your activities within the amount of time you have.


People who are successful understand activity management at a much higher level. Their results would indicate so.


If we want to get ahead in life then we must manage our activities, schedule our time on a calendar and or utilize a CRM tool.


A lot of people get caught up with making a list then at the end of the week what you have is one long list that is not in any kind of order or prioritization.


Without looking at the list and or qualifying the activities, you may run an errand but fail to complete an income producing activity for example.


We wouldn’t know this unless we had some organization.


What then is the difference between things that are important and urgent?


Important things are the things we need to get done.


Urgent things are those hitting us in the face, the things that cause us to react versus respond.


Things become urgent when we do not schedule them.


We are not talking about the unforeseen things however 98% of what we are doing could be scheduled.


Most people live their lives on the urgent and stressful side of the equation rather than the scheduled, important, calm side of things.


The difference is that if you would have had the presence to schedule things on a calendar, then stick to the calendar they would have never become urgent and stressful. Things would get done in a systematic manner.


Surrender to the process and stick to the calendar.


Working from a list we are always waiting for what hits us in the face. We get into a stressful chaotic state of mind and then a low vibration and then we become very ineffective.

You can either live life on the side of scheduling things and then doing those things when they come up in a calm, systematic controlled high energy manner or live life on the urgent side which is very stressful and is just doing the things that come up because there is no planning.


Activity Management Tips:


–        Start your day by listing 6 things you want to accomplish then get to work starting with the hardest


–        If a task takes two minutes or less? Do it now. If it takes more than two minutes, look at your calendar and put it on the schedule.


–        Break the habit of checking your phone every time it alerts you. Check your phone when you want to check your phone. Set emergency signals if you need too otherwise it will distract you every time it makes a noise.


–        Schedule a time to check your emails so you are not getting pulled in multiple directions.



Why is all of this so important? Because you may have a perception of having no bandwidth, but the reality is most likely that you need to improve your activity management.

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