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Matrix Success Network and its affiliates are a group of world class speakers ranging from the corporate and military spaces to the engineering, medical and construction industries. Let us show you how we can impact and enlighten your staff and team to spark their imagination as to the possibilities of what a well-trained, cohesive team can accomplish together.

Our speeches and training seminars are designed to effectively highlight existing paradigms about performance and instill simple critical thinking ideas and habits in a short amount of time. Our topics in critical thinking, mental toughness and self image will have an immediate impact to the cohesiveness of your staff and team by increasing productivity and performance.


Mental Toughness and Critical Thinking Training

What Mental Toughness really is, how to get it, and how to use it to build your personal and professional dreams.

Your audience will learn:

  • How to avoid the most common killer of champions.
  • How to develop the laser focus of champions and the secret they call tiger Mentality.
  • Exactly why you must have 100% clarity to become a true champion and lead your field while learning the real reason why most people fail.
  • How to build a mental toughness skill set to help you come out on top in any situation
  • The secrets that professional athletes use to propel their performances and dominate their opponents


  • Learn the meaning of true personal goal setting and set new goals that will allow you to grow for the first time in your life.
  • Discover why we most often do not do the simple things we know we should be doing. Close the Knowing-Doing gap.
  • Discover your current paradigms and learn how to shift your thinking to change your paradigm to better serve you.
  • Learn how to change your self image through spaced repetition of content so that your subconscious mind directs you to your goals.
  • Discover true wealth trough the realization of personal abundance and the supreme goal of philanthropy.


  • Assess where the company's current vision and image is, guiding you to set new goals and visions based on unique strategy sessions.
  • Discover how to bring the mindset of each individual in the company up to the highest performers in the company under one united vision.
  • Define the company's ultimate vision and bring it into present-day reality through identifying your unique self-image.
  • Develop permanent, lasting mastermind groups in every department so that every single individual feels part of a united purpose.
  • Empower the employees to contribute ideas from CEO to hourly employees to better utilize the entire workforce.

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