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The most impactful thing I have learned so far being in MMA although I just joined a few days ago (and remembered I need to post a pic and introduce myself) is the reminder of how it is imperative to have repetition To change our Paridigm as well as to have as deep of an understanding of what we learn thus the reason I am watching each video 2-3 times each… yes it will take me some time to catch up in the group at this rate but I will benefit so much more. Personally I forgot or maybe didn’t see the importance of goal cards and vision board because I have been lucky enough have learned some of this in my 20’s that I only needed to write things down one time to be embedded in my subconcious and file it away to pull it out a few years later to find I had attained everything. This has worked for me my entire life along with the Universal law of Polarity and others. Lots of Love IP and greatfulness to you guys for putting this together!