Change Your Entire Life Overnight!

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Change Your Entire Life Overnight!



With the impression of increase.


The impression of increase is making a decision to leave every single human being you come in contact with better off than you found them.


We call this living a heavenly life.


Reflect on the day and the week you’ve had so far. How have you treated your co-workers this week? How about your spouse and the kids? The cashier at the grocery store or the clerk at Dunkin Donuts?


What happens is when you shift the focus from yourself to other people is that you stop thinking about yourself and your own worries.


There is a cause and effect to everything that happens in the universe. What we put out; we get back.


What are you putting out every day?


This is physics. It is no different than the law of gravity. You don’t have to understand it, but it happens just like gravity happens.


Are you donating your time? Mentoring people? Listening to people? Complimenting people? Are you being genuine or just giving to get?


If you are an employee do you go to work expecting every day? If so, that is not in harmony with the law.


We challenge you to decide to take 6 months and go to work with an amazing attitude. Do more than you are asked and wait and see what happens.


When we understand this, we understand it is simply putting out good and getting good back.

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